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Micro-Training :: “University meets YouTube”

Coming “On Air” in Fall 2009

Too much training information; Too many choices; Who do I trust?

Short-format, high-impact Micro-Training from outstanding professionals

I need problems solved now. I cannot take a three-day class right now.

Online, on-demand, and searchable content based on problem/solution set provided in 3-7 minute segments on video/audio/webinarettes, and text-based platforms.

Professional training and coaching is too expensive for my whole team.

$1.99 per month/person for pre-filtered, on demand professional advice!

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Learners need outstanding content

Vendors need exposure, relevance, and trust

Limited budgets and busy schedules need a break

Yesterday’s News

Meeting the needs of a hungry audience of learners who are starving for outstanding training is becoming more of a challenge every day. Excellent content is sitting on shelves getting dusty or sitting in vaults not serving anyone because the means of delivering the message is locked in “yester-format” filed under “yester-year.” And, it was designed to be delivered in an expensive mode designed for “yester-budgets.”

Yester-Format :: Next Generation is moving on

Trainers and training companies today are taking a big hit because clients are not spending as much as they used to for live training, on-or-offsite sessions, public workshops and live events. Even CD & DVD training is looking like their older cousins in cassettes & video tapes with the advent and popularity of online attention-getters like YouTube.

Yester-Year :: Quicker, Sharper, More in Touch

Kingdom KeysToo many training firms have not adapted to the sea change in shortened attention spans brought on by the availability to reach people in ever quicker and shorter bursts. Information from Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and RSS news readers have taken over the domain once owned by teachers, trainers, coaches, and professors. The locks on information have disappeared. The keys to the training kingdom are now useless because the vault doors on the university are wide open.

Yester-Budgets :: We need something “Cheaper than Free!

Too many 5-day, 4-day, 3-day training sessions are now dormant or have disappeared into half-day sessions. Even worse, so much vendor training money has gone down the pipes trying to get sales by producing audio/video podcasts, free seminar, free webinars and other high cost experiments that do not provide feedback or metrics as to their efficacy. For training vendors: Less money coming in. More going out.

Tomorrow’s Opportunity – Outstanding Content & Low Pricing

With Micro-Training, outstanding content can be created brand new or great existing content can be given a fresh look and re-engineered in a fresh format to serve the needs of a global audience eager to learn, grow, and help build other people.

So What Do You Need Now?

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